How to Grow Leaders for Residual Royalty Income

“Bringing leaders into your company is hard. Developing them harder. Keeping them hardest!! How do you create a Residual Royalty Income (RRI) you can count on over the long haul? In my experience, it comes down to developing leaders, then earning and keeping their loyalty.” ~ Tom Chenault Leaders Equal

Higher Education vs. Network Marketing

“It always amazes me when I speak with someone who says that Network Marketing is a SCAM… Really People? The industry has created more Millionaires than anyone industry out there. The key is to OPEN your mind and get the FACTS from someone who is succeeding, My friend and mentor

90 Day Challenge with Bess: What’s it REALLY Like?

Jacob Rakowski is a 23 year old 6 figure earner Global Brand Ambassador for his company who is living his dream, traveling all over the world! It wasn’t always this way. When he started with his company at age 18, his classmates made fun of him, and his father told

Bess’s Answer to John Oliver

   Here is a great lesson in “How to Handle MLM Stigma”, brought to you by John Oliver and Bess McCarty. (He does the “Stigma” part, I do the “Handle” part. Haha. ) It all started with his show bashing MLM for laughs I decided our profession needed

My Mother Could Sell Ice Cubes to Eskimos

I was talking with a friend the other day. He said, “I was raised learning to sell. My mother could sell anything. She would take me with her as she traveled to small towns and sold rosaries.” “One town we came to had just purchased $1,000 of rosaries before we

A Goose Story

“Why Be a Role Model for Your Team and Tell Stories” I know a man who lives on a farm in Oregon.  He had a flock of 30 domestic geese who never learned to fly. Within the comfort of the farm, they just grew fat and happy. One dark stormy

How to Write Your Compelling Story

You know that “Facts tell, but stories sell!” As Eric Worre says, “Just learn to tell stories, and you don’t need to learn anything else!” and “Amateurs give facts. Professionals tell stories.” “He who tells a success story is more likely to have more. He who hears a success

“The Flip Flop CEO” Helps You in Network Marketing

My friend, Janine Dunagan Finney, and her daughter, Lory Muirhead, wrote this wonderful, easy little book to champion the profession of network marketing: The Flip Flop CEO  ~ It is for YOU and YOUR PROSPECTS! This delightful book covers: * The many big problems people have that network marketing

“The Shrink of MLM – Can She Help Me?”

“The Shrink of MLM”.  This is the name given to me by a member of the MLM Millionaire Club. I like it! 🙂  I wear two hats: One hat is a master trainer of the 7 Skills of network marketing. I help networkers get their skills up to a

Will YOU be an MLM Millionaire?

Will You be an MLM millionaire? First of all why become one? I think this is just basic survival. $1 million seemed like a lot of money when I was a kid, but does not go as far now… Think ahead to your retirement… Have you done the math? Inflation