Bess’s Answer to John Oliver



 Here is a great lesson in “How to Handle MLM Stigma”, brought to you by John Oliver and Bess McCarty. (He does the “Stigma” part, I do the “Handle” part. Haha. )

It all started with his show bashing MLM for laughs

I decided our profession needed a spokesperson. I also think much in MLM is laughable, as is any business, and thought he had some good points. But I want to voice some truth alongside his fun-poking. So I made this 3 minute rebuttal video to him:

What do you think?

Here is another, excellent, more detailed rebuttal to John Oliver by my expert friends Craig Peloquin and Dennis Wilson:

Here are more defenses for MLM:

Eric Worre defends MLM to Dave Ramsey:

Eric Worre defends MLM to Gary Vaynerchuk:

Professor David Frost researched MLM:

I recommend you send this page to your team.  What a great collection of ways to handle MLM Stigma!!