How to Overcome the Fears that are Keeping You from Winning Big, by Bess McCarty

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MLM Nation is led by Simon Chan who has built a million dollar MLM business with over 80,000 distributors using Online Duplication strategies. Thank you Simon, I thoroughly enjoyed this interview!

“Shyness is a selfish act. Bess McCarty shows us the importance of putting your attention on the other person. Also, how to become so interested in other people that you forget about yourself. Plus more hot tips to overcome FEAR!

Bess McCarty went from a shy kid that avoided people to becoming a leader at her network marketing company.

Bess is known as the Shrink of MLM and applies her 30 years of experience as a Body-Mind Therapist to help network marketing distributors.

She’s now a full time MLM coach and runs the MLM Millionaire Club, a school for Network Marketers that provides hands-on training and role playing on the 7 skills.”

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