MLM Reality Show 2


Watch the MLM Reality Show #2: LIVE  practice and feedback with real prospects!

“Awesome show MLM Millionaire Club! Great training for MLM ers!” ~ Kevin Francis


Get your gifts mentioned on the show here:

See MLM Millionaire Club members in action  with real prospects! The first one is my bother, Lance! You will also meet our second prospect, Tim Cragette.  See how they like being talked with about MLM.

Also meet our special guest Professor David Frost.  Hear his unique ways of talking about NM, especially to young people! ~ Professor Frost spearheaded and teaches the world’s first network marketing class to be offered at an institution, at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas.  He also made this video to make it easy for you to educate prospects about network marketing:

David-Frost2Professor Frost is a mentor to the MLM Millionaire Club, and is an honorary members. See a special interview with him here

We train with Eric Worre’s book, Go Pro, 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.   So you’ll recognize his scripts.  The best core skills book in MLM! Get yours:

This is a monthly educational training show sponsored by Bess McCarty and the MLM Millionaire Club. Learn from them to make fewer mistakes! The number one question network marketers have is how to talk to people.  This covers it. What a great way to learn how to talk to people about your business!

See the first MLM Reality Show here:

Lots of FUN and good practice! ~ Bess

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  1. This time is good for me. Thanks for the invite!