Can You Pass the Persistence Test?

Can you keep to your goals and vision, past discouragement and procrastination? What does it take to not give up? I’m inspired by true stories. Like those of Napoleon Hill: Did you know that Hill did not just write Think and Grow Rich in his life, he also achieved many

Jacob Passes on NFL!

“When I was young, my dad and I used to throw the football back and forth in our bonding time. My dad asked, ‘Son what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I had big dreams and I loved football so I said ‘An NFL football player.’ My

Your Fight for Freedom!

In your journey to financial freedom, some of it will be hard. When it is hard, you may like this 40 minute video about slaves on their journey to freedom. What did you see? Did you see obstacles? Fear Discouragement Bitterness Heartbreak Complaining Exhaustion Wanted to go back Wanted


Once upon a time there was a master tradesman who always worked by himself. He was getting on in years, and looked for trainees to pass on the rules of his trade. Over the next five years he carefully chose 40 people from all walks of life. Some were educated,

A Good Meal Starts with Hunger

The French say, “A good meal starts with hunger.” The cowboys say, “You can lead a horse to water, but a good cowboy makes him thirsty first.” What do these two sayings have to do with your network marketing business? EVERYTHING! You have valuable options for a better life for

Help Students with Loans

The average student loan is now over $30,000. This delays them buying a home and starting a family.  IF they can even get a job, much less in the field they studied for! Many end up moving back in with their parents. This is alarming to me! What can be

“Are You Prepared for a Family?”

My niece was a wonderful mother of two boys. Her awesome husband worked extra so she could stay home with them. She was in a network marketing company, but didn’t find the time to grow it with her two boys. Then they planned for a third child. ~ Surprise! They

Easy 3 Way Calls

Do you make 3 way calls a part of followup for every prospect? And WHY would you do that? Because it validates your business beyond just you saying it’s good. Now there is another person saying that! It begins to create social proof, and paves the way for a meeting

Can You Afford Coaching?

You are a network marketer. You want to succeed in your business. You want financial freedom.You want to be happy, do what you want when you want, be the leader you know you are inside, give your family a better life, and help countless others to do that too!

Complacency is Dangerous!

  Complacency  is sneaky. Without you realizing it, complacency can rob you of your dreams, future, and happiness! And even your confidence and motivation to grow.   Complacency whispers to you, “Things are fine as they are. Why rock the boat? Who needs more, anyway? There’s