Helped College Daughter!

  “Before Network Marketing, I was sad that I wouldn’t have been able to visit my college daughter for four years, as it’s about $1,500 air expense alone; and I didn’t have it. Sadness soon changed to joy because I started to share my business (it’s quite fun & simple).

What a Cool Story!!

“I give up my first class seat from El Paso to Dallas (the first leg of my flight to Orlando) to an Army serviceman in uniform. He’s on his way home to Pennsylvania due to a death in the family and he said no one had ever done that for

Can You Make Money in This?

“My wife and I started with a company almost 9 years ago because we loved the products. Our first and only MLM. Started sharing and showing. Fast forward… 15,000+ members, growing by 500-700 new monthly, doing $10M+ annually… mostly organic growth with 95% happy customer base… We are making more

Just a “Regular Mom”

  “Yes,  I have a story…  I am a pretty regular mom of three and healthcare professional. Seven years ago, I had a health scare. I was introduced to my company, and had amazing results.  I saw the business opportunity and started dreaming about what I truly wanted in life.

How to Overcome Criticism

“I have overcome so much criticism. When my husband and I decided to do Network Marketing full time people thought we were absolutely crazy. At first the criticism got to me and I let it eat away at me and then a very wise mentor of mine said this to

From a Rough Life….

“I started in network marketing when I was 20. I come from a very rough background. Lost my mom when I was 5, abused physically, sexually, and emotionally during my young childhood. I was surrounded by drugs my whole life. I failed 8th grade. When I was 16 I was

“I Believe in You, Doug.”

“My mom was always a believer in whatever I set my mind to. When my corporate career ended 6 years ago as a result of a corporate merger people asked me what was next for me. I told them I was going to focus on my part-time Network Marketing business.

Turning Strangers into Friends!

My happiest moments in network marketing? Improving my Mom and Dad’s quality of life!!! They used to be energetically and medically couch ridden, always in pain from all their medications. With my all natural organic nutraceutical (opposite of pharmaceutical) product, I’ve been able to remove them permanently from 8 different

A Hug was One of His Happiest Moments…

    One of my happiest moments in network marketing was when a friend of mine just wanted to meet up with me just to end up giving me a very emotional hug. His mother was not able to get up from bed and she was ill for many days

Accountant Jumps In!

  “It’s a really good day when your accountant sits across the table from you with your BIGGEST 1099 ever in 20 YEARS of MLM and says let’s talk some business, orders your flagship product on the spot and says how do I do this?!” ~ Facebook post from Sarah