Lloyd Williams: Skeptic to Success!

“Have you ever had a certain point in your life where you made a decision that changed your life IN A HUGE AND AMAZING WAY either good or bad? This picture was that moment for me. This moment was life-defining to me and changed it forever. The top picture shows

Candace Retires Her Husband From the Coal Mine!

I ONCE WAS an Insurance Agent for over 15 years, owning my own insurance agency. I simply was a high priced employee… This industry is phenomenal because as you stated, “train others to do the same”, has allowed someone like me to make this industry my full-time income…  My first

Jen Escapes Corporate!

“2 years ago today, I quit my corporate job days before my 40th birthday. People thought I was crazy, how can you leave a good job and in this economy (especially as a single parent)?! When your soul is dying, that’s how. When you know you are meant to do

James Becomes a Company Leader

James O’Connell is a wonderful man who works full time, and had a goal of presenting to 5 new people a day. But didn’t actually get around to it. Suddenly, he got serious in our work together. His team said, “What got into you?” “Since doing this program with Bess,

“I Don’t Have the Money…”

When you hear, “I don’t have the money to join”, here’s a True Story you can share: “We lived in a small town in Northern Arizona, population of 3000 and had just lost our life’s savings to a franchise restaurant business. We were destitute.

Jaci’s Recruiting Stories

Text message from MLM Millionaire Club member, Jaci Sanabria: “Bess, I was on your webinar a short time, when a prospect called and I signed her up! LOL! … I just got back from Puerto Rico, celebrating my wedding anniversary and 3 family members’ birthdays. But while I was there,

21 Year Old Jacob Proves It Can Be Done

Last night at midnight Jacob Rakowski became an Emerald in his company His goal was Ruby, but he shot past that to go two levels up! ~ Jacob was 18 years old when he made a decision to change his life with his company. In May, his organization produced over

Amy’s Victory Past the Naysayers

When I first started, I heard so many things – Are you crazy Amy? It’s a scam! Don’t waste your time! It won’t last. Just a fad. You are going to lose a lot of money! Don’t quit your day job! (This one was from my husband) I cared what

From Ford Mustang to Mercedes

Jacob Rakowski’s Story: “3 years ago the vehicles that would’ve been parked in these places were a Ford Mustang (right-mine) Older Convertible (middle-Dad’s) and a Chevy Tahoe (Left-Mom’s) Materially the Mercedes don’t matter, they are simply a symbol of progression. I was 18 years old at the time, still a

“The Immigrant Pizza Delivery Driver”

      From hungry and broke in Communist Albania, to a non-English speaking immigrant in the U.S., to a college failure, to a successful network marketer doing millions of dollars in monthly sales, Andi Duli tells us how he did that. And he believes that if he can, everyone