Turning Strangers into Friends!

My happiest moments in network marketing? Improving my Mom and Dad’s quality of life!!! They used to be energetically and medically couch ridden, always in pain from all their medications. With my all natural organic nutraceutical (opposite of pharmaceutical) product, I’ve been able to remove them permanently from 8 different medications! It’s improved my Dads back pain so much, he CANCELLED his back surgery he had scheduled last July. For the first time in 17 years, my Mom’s diabetic neuropathy is improving, the product is helping her get feeling back in her feet because it helps with blood circulation! It’s helped her so much with her diabetes. Now they go to the movies, zoo, aquarium and even the Dinosaur Museum!!!
It’s helped my back pain (17 years as a 2nd generation firefighter). It used to hurt me to sneeze or cough, first name basis with my chiropractor. Since I’ve been on this product, NO MORE!

I definitely can’t forget the Personal Development- Greatest Leadership Mentorship and Friendships I’ve ever known. For the first time in 37 years I finally have my priorities straight! I don’t drink as much anymore, I don’t look forward to weekends anymore, I look forward to the week. I look forward to not just helping people on my team, but helping my friends throughout the entire team! I look forward to meeting strangers and making them friends and helping them improve their quality of life- health-wise or wealth-wise! I’m truly BLESSED! I’m on a mission to impact lives all over the world, I want EVERYBODY’s Mom, Dad, GrandParents, and Kids to feel the same my Parents do now! ~ Ignacio Perez II, https://www.facebook.com/elnachochingon23