“Kudos to Bess McCarty for consistently providing value to the Network Marketing Pro community. Thanks Bess.” ~ Eric Worre 




“You are an amazing human being.” ~ Marina Worre

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In three sessions Bess helped a man overcome a business-crippling, lifelong fear that even the top psychologists at UCSD couldn’t help.  And in one session, stopped a man’s long-time pattern of destructive behavior that three years of psychotherapy didn’t.

“I was paralyzed and seriously exhausted from depression. I had to have help with simple chores. I could not enjoy life. Bess saw that the joyful part of me was dying. In ONE session, through images and stories, she had me laughing and crying. We identified five personality parts of me that had created this situation, and that got me out of it. This process turned me 180° toward relief, great happiness, and confidence for my future. I have my joy and life back!” – G. H.



21 Year Old leaps 2 ranks into a 6 figure income after doing a 60 Day Challenge with Bess, Congratulations Jacob! “Through Bess’s amazing ability and support, I was able to do my 60 Day Challenge with massive success!” ~ Jacob Rakowski



“I’m so glad to find you! I never knew anyone was coaching network marketers like this!!” ~ Janine Finney, The Flip Flop CEO



Jumped 2 ranks after a Challenge with Bess: “In the first two months on Bess’s Challenge, my income increased 20%, and I’m recruiting more people globally.” ~ Elsebeth Nybroe-Nielsen, Denmark


1934456_117743621230_5437966_n“Bess really helped me improve my communication, time management, and most importantly some internal blocks I faced.  With her assistance, I took my monthly sales performance from 15% of expectation to 458%. I’m currently over 150% YTD in my sales goals, and have reached 4 of my 5 most significant written goals for this year, as well as leading for the President’s Club Award for outstanding salesperson.  Bess is worth her weight in gold!” ~  Rob Nussbaum, Austin, TX


J“Since doing the 30 Day Challenge with Bess, everything is clicking. I seem to have a Golden Touch and can’t do anything wrong. It changed my life and how I do business. My team expanded 70%, and the number of active ones more than doubled.  I’m still consistently prospecting with no excuses stopping me. My upline and team are inspired by me.  I’m asked to speak.  I’m now the leader I dreamed of being!” ~ James O’Connell, Haverhill, MA, MLM Millionaire Club member


180472_1268677773759_3857531_n“Bess’s coaching very effectively helped resolve recurring personal life issues so I became free to focus on my business. Then we set goals and strategies that marketed my business, increased accountability, and tracked results. It worked tremendously! Since I began working with Bess in April, my business income has quadrupled!! I attribute this 100% to our work. “ -James Moore, Austin, TX


“Since our last session I have talked to 10-20 new people a day and signed up 10 new recruits. My team is on fire and opening up in another country! Of all the network marketing teachers, I gravitate to you the most because you FEEL me. You HEAR me. You know what I need, you know my goals, and you say just what I need to hear. I simply cannot get a better coach than you.” ~ Ziga Keber. Ljubljana, Slovenia


“Pretty amazing day when you get to spend an hour of your life talking with one of the top Network Marketing minds in the whole industry, Ms. Bess McCarty, who I refer to as the Magic Johnson of Network Marketing! This amazing woman’s mindset and knowledge is off the charts. I felt like I was talking to Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, John Maxwell, and Eric Worre all at same time. Bess McCarty, thank you so so much for your million dollar mentorship! Let’s go impact some lives Bess!” ~ Lloyd William, El Paso, TX



Everything has been going REALLY REALLY good! I utilized what you told me. I called my past contacts. 6/6 of them have signed on with me today to work with me in my business! – Aimee Nguyen, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“Bess, I know that you are one of a few genuine trainers with a servant heart.” – Des Morgan


“Bess helps me move forward big time in my real estate career with eXp Realty, past roadblocks I couldn’t have navigated myself! I was at a standstill, complacent and not organized. Bess helped me with Body/Mind Coaching and business coaching to BUILD FASTEST! Major inspiration, encouragement, clarity, best strategies, and mastering skills from Bess in a way that was just my language!” – Deborah SuZan



“Thanks Bess it was a pleasure to speak with you and Aimee on the Club call. I actually used some of the tips today, and now have 2 new potential promoters and a customer in 2 short hours! Thanks for everything!” – Steven Scagnetti, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“Perfect practice makes perfect.” ~ Dr. Harvey Kitzman, most consistent member in the MLM Millionaire Club, where we role-play and practice to get your skills up to a 10. “This is a safe environment for trying things out and getting your questions answered. Bess is a great teacher. Smart people are always learning. Practice on our Club calls without a doubt has made me more confident in my approaches and helps me talk to people better and more.”



“Bess kept me sane and encouraged through the challenging days on the way to my current great success.” ~ Damon Flowers, Austin, TX




“I have yet to meet a person who strives for work hard and play hard, all while loving everyone whose life she lifts along the way! Look at this shining bright star, rising up, up and up.” ~ Kara Sultana Rea


j“Bess listens. She helps me clarify and organize my many creative Ideas into action steps. I am happier now and growing quicker in my business! She supports who I am, and my gifts, rather than make me into something else. She is a neutral source of many ideas, suggestions, and sounding board with a wide area of expertise, from business to personal growth.” ~ Jennifer Barnett, private coaching client



“Bess McCarty is the BOMB. Her knowledge and support are Amazing. I love the MLM Millionaire Club. The camaraderie, direction, and masterminding that goes on in the calls is invaluable. I can access more learning on my own time frame. It’s not company-specific. I see many fascinating angles, opening my eyes, really teaching me MLM.” ~ Tracy Baker, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“This is by FAR the best and most affordable membership training site for network marketers!” ~ Deena Cannistraci, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“I joined the MLM Millionaire Club as well as Eric Worre’s Go Pro All Access. What I appreciate most about what I’ve seen and heard on your site and in your YouTube videos is that you really do come from the heart!” ~ Magdalena Hanson



“After working only a very short time with Bess, she helped me zero in on my road blocks, find alternative actions, and then reach Executive District Manager. You have no idea just how good it felt to accomplish that!!! Next step: AREA MANAGER!” ~ Debbie Brown, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“I appreciate the MLM Millionaire Club more and more. In my opinion it is the best value in this field available anywhere. The Club calls and Lessons keep me confident, current, polished and connected to the best of prospecting and recruiting. They keep me improving all the time.” ~ Rich McCoy, San Diego, MLM Millionaire Club Member



The MLM Millionaire Club has been invaluable to me. It provides the encouragement and support of people working with me and for me.” ~ Phil Eldred, The Abundance Doctor, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“You have made a great difference in my life. The revelations I discovered in our conversations continue to echo in great understanding!” ~ Caryn McCaskill



181960_1904649017932_3696038_n“I was looking, I was searching for a coach that understands Network Marketing and has extensive experience in Psychology until I found the best coach in the world. Thank you so much Bess for helping me see my real potential and bring out the best in me. You empowered  and helped me unleashed my mental blocks and I am now unstoppable!!! ~  Yolly from Old Australia




“Bess, this is what I have been searching for! WOW! You are really great! Please don’t ever underestimate what you do for our businesses – empowerment is the word. Much love from Botswana, Africa.” ~ Bobby Moeng, network marketer



“Bess, you are an asset to the industry and an inspiration to those of us in it.” ~ Kevin Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Bess, because of who you are, you attract the quality of people to the MLM Millionaire Club that I love getting on the calls with and learning from.” – Debbie Brown, MLM Millionaire Club Member


“I get an opportunity to ask questions, get good feedback on numerous issues, meet others on the calls with the same issues, and learn what works for them. The fee much more than pays for itself.  I’ve gained clarity about my work.” – Alex Lakatos, MLM Millionaire Club Member


“Bess, anyone who knows you knows you’re more than a coach, you’re a real gifted healer who teaches and lives the path of personal transformation. Your versatility in dealing with a wide range of issues is unmatched and your open hearted nature and deep connection to spirit is what creates the space for real change to take place. Over the years you have helped me become a better, more authentic me and that makes me feel happy! Thank you Bess, I’m blessed to know you.” – Betty Strong, San Diego, California



Bess always has just the right thing to say! She did just that on the Club call last night for me. She reminded me that I have accomplished the basics and more and just need to repeat. Thank you to a very special lady!” ~ Jane Rogers, MLM Millionaire Club member


” I have known Bess for many years. I have been using her coaching service for the past 6 months. She has been a tremendous help for me in clearly defining my goals, staying focused and tracking progress just to name a few skills that she’s helping me build or refine. And this month I achieved the Executive Trainer position in my company! ” – Rich McCoy, San Diego, MLM Millionaire Club Member



You are my Wizard of Oz. You know how to help me see my potential, strength, and courage.” – Ernest Rodriguez, Austin, TX, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“Thanks for your contribution to my team. It has been awesome, and really something I recommend to others..” ~ Helle Birkehoj, Denmark, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“Thank you Bess McCarty and The MLM Millionaire Club for continuing to deliver informative and timely information to assist in building a positive community for all of our businesses…If you don’t belong to this Club, you need to!! .” ~ Todd Smith, MLM Millionaire Club Member


“Coaching with Bess opened my eyes not only to what is possible, but to what the results of my inaction are. She gave me the strength and courage to be the person I was meant to be.” ~ Tracy Baker, MLM Millionaire Club Member

“Bess, the “Breakthrough Exercises” teleclass archive is great. I had to listen a 3rd time and take notes. The Club is getting better and better.  I think you have had a breakthrough yourself.” ~ Rich McCoy, San Diego, MLM Millionaire Club Member



“Thanks Bess! You are doing some pretty amazing things for the universal MLM world!” ~ Priscilla Williams, Austin, TX. MLM Millionaire Club member


“Please don’t ever underestimate what you do for our business – empowerment is the word. ~ Bobby Moeng

There’s so much network marketing advice out there, I tell people to follow Bess McCarty and Eric Worre. – David Ursu



“Bess McCarty gives generously of her time to support everyone in the network marketing profession.” ~ Peter Burrows


“Bess, thank you for the value you bring to people every day. We appreciate everything you do.” ~ Aaron Avila

“Bess, you may not know how your business tips have really upgraded my network business skills. You are the best.” ~Paul Ilegbusi


“I know Bess and can attest that she is the real deal. Check out her Club and its benefits. Top tier training as always Bess.” ~ Allen Daniels


12208451_10205477923531064_1997359935726142461_n“Hi Bess, the Webinar was excellent. It was a great learning aid.” ~ Deborah ImaniUqdah


“Hey Bess, I just wanted to say how great your info is… keep up the good work!” ~ James Wood


“Your workshops are the best. ~ Thobias Lindquist292677_10150893438409958_156547744_n


“Very excited that my team has began to gather momentum in the past week or so. Thanks so much for the help Bess McCarty.” ~ Drema Morris

“I have gone through a couple of your videos they are extremely good and are not just helping me become a good network marketer, but also a good person…thank you very much for all the posts!!!” ~ Anand Chavan


11082446_10204104613404621_5685275351178413118_n“I just listened to your recording where you reach deep down into your heart and mind and answer some very difficult questions, beginning with ‘On a scale if one to ten how motivated are you?’ and the ten questions. Very inspirational and difficult, but great way, to really see what moves me, how I need to move forward, and how to motivate my downline and myself. An amazing eye opener. I want you to know you really are very motivating in such a soft way. HARD SELL, that just isn’t me. I felt so calm and just serene after listening to just one of your recordings. It was a very ‘reach down into your soul’ lesson. That is what motivates. Hoping someday soon I will be able to access all of your knowledge in the MLM Millionaire Club. THANK YOU. ” ~ Mandy Reese

(Here is the recording: https://www.mlmmillionaireclub.com/blog-comments/how-to-help-your-downline-get-their-strongest-why/2012/08/16/ )